Pass a drug test. FDA approved drug test detoxification programs for passing serious drug tests. Pass Your Test offers the most used permanent and same day cleansers with reliable overnight shipping. Call a drug test expert 1-866-588-4927.
Pass a drug test. Passing drug tests.

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DISCLAIMER: All information and products are to be used for the sole purpose of detoxification. Our products are dietary supplements consisting of all natural vitamins, herbs, and minerals. However, our instructions are for suggested use only! All products distributed by Veritas Sales Inc. are to be used at your own risk!

WARNING: Due to the fact that our detoxification products cleanse the body of toxins, persons with medical conditions (i.e. High blood pressure, diabetes, etc) and/or taking therapeutic medications of any kind should consult with a physician before using our products. Not intended for those with kidney disease/disorder, pregnant, or nursing women or persons under the age of 18.

RETURN POLICY: In order to ensure your safety and the integrity of our products, Veritas Sales doesn't allow the return of any of it's products. We cannot accept any returns or give refunds on the products except in the unlikely event you do not receive your desired results. product refund, send your proof of purchase and unsatisfactory lab results to:

Veritas Sales
4757 E. Greenway Rd
103-154, Phoenix, AZ 85032

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