Pass a Hair drug test. Leading hair follicle drug test detoxification programs for passing serious hair drug tests. Pass Your Test offers the best hair detox shampoos and hair mudd solutions onlinle. Call a drug test expert 1-866-588-4927.
Pass a drug test. Passing drug tests.

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Hair follicle drug test.Every time you introduce a toxins to your body, the blood carries it around in your veins depositing little bits of the toxins here and there throughout your body. As you can see from the diagram, toxins are deposited into the hair follicle and trapped permanently or until you cut your hair. Our Hair follicle treatment formula penetrates to the core (Cortex) of the hair shaft and immediately seeks out any trapped detectable toxins and dissolves them. The process takes a about 2 hours for the treatment. The only extra ingredient you will need is some vinegar to soften up your hair. While detoxifying you will feel a strong tingling sensation of the scalp. Afterwards, you may experience temporary dryness of the hair, however, NO permanent damage will be done. Your hair will be toxin-free. No adulterants or deposits are lleft in the hair making the this Cleanse Undetectable.

You can pass your hair drug test:

Our hair follicle toxin-cleansing shampoo will remove months or years worth of drug residue history from the root to the end of the hair shaft. Pass with no need to perm, cut, or screw up your hair style. No mixing. No mess. Two convenient sizes. Buy according to your hair's length, thickness, and level of toxicity. Well worth the investment!

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"Two Steps A'Head" shampoo and conditioner
Brand new formula... works in 30 minutes effective up to 48 hours. 100% money back guarantee. Penetrates hair shaft and cortex. Removes all contaminants and medical residue. Ph balanced safe for permed & color treated hair

$99.95 -

4 oz Detoxifying Shampoo
Works in twenty minutes, no need to bleach or perm, no need to cut your hair, no hair dryers or shower caps needed. Removes all drugs. Thin hair and light users have a 99.99% success rate

$39.95 -

8oz Dexotifying Shampoo
Ideal for use on all external hair on your body. Completely undetectable. Removes all detectable toxins and does not damage the hair in any way. 8oz bottle perfect for moderate 3-4x per week users 99.99% success rate

$79.95 -

4oz Shampoo Enhancer
This is developed this to be used Before you use your favorite detoxifying shampoo. Improves success by loosening the shaft allowing easy penetration of the shampoo you decide to use. HighlyRecommended.

$49.95 -

4oz Hair Splash
This Leave-in Conditioner is an after treatment conditioner that you leave in the hair to help stop the flaking and continues cleansing from the inside out as you wait to be tested . A perfect addition to any of our shampoo solutions.

$49.95 -

8oz Hair Cleansing Mudd
Mix your own-hair cleansing mudd is for those individuals with heavy usage (5-6x per week) of all toxins, both herbal and chemical. Easy 3 step process. (Includes activator and leave-in conditioner. 100% money Back guarantee.

$106.95 -

Light Hair Follicle Treatment Kit
With this Safe and easy to use program, we concentrate on heavy THC usage only. This kit includes TOXIN removing shampoo, hair enhancer and hair leave-in conditioner to ensure all traces are removed and undetectable. (Includes enhancer and leave-in conditioner.

$104.95 -

All Toxin Removal-Hair Follicle Treatment Kit
Perfect for those who are exposed to a high level of different Toxins. This all Toxin removing shampoo kit cleanses the hair shaft , follicles and the cortex. . Any foreign toxin in your hair follicles will be erased with this program. (Includes enhancer and leave-in Conditioner.) The Most extreme of all Hair kits.

$139.95 -

Detoxifying Hair Gel
Works in 10 Min . Lasts for 4 hours. Removes all Toxins.

$59.95 -


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